Our Impact

Our team of Consultants, are highly qualified professionals ready to take your organization and/or healthcare system to the next level. We have experience working with diverse clients from multigenerational and multinational backgrounds. We have facilitated outcomes improvements for both individuals and organizations for over ten years.

Outcomes Improvement & Change Management

ICE-Africa provides first-class continuous improvement training, customized to each client’s environs and resources. Through utilizing a continuous improvement curriculum developed and tested by process improvement industry leaders, ICE-Africa offers a five-month program delivering targeted training and empowering healthcare organizations to implement continuous improvements in their care delivery.

Our Change Management training equips organizations with the tools necessary to sustain improvements and shift organizational culture.


Patient Advocacy & Healthcare System Navigation

Our services are crafted to enhance patients’ understanding of their medical diagnosis and facilitate seamless transitions through healthcare continuums. We promote patient advocacy through continuous education and interfacing between patients and their clinical providers.

Each individual patient’s service package is unique to their clinical needs, location and healthcare system.

Our clients are empowered to take charge of their care through knowledge sharing and access to our team of highly trained professionals.